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“Grizedale Rocks 2019”

Friday, January 6th, 2019

Grizedale Rocks 2019

It’s back . . . Saturday June 22nd 9pm Start

See their website for booking and more info. Or call 01229 860208. Or email them here.

Mojoroller at the Darlington Rhythm 'n' Blues Festival 2018

The Pennyweight [Market Square]

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

Mojoroller will be on from 5:15pm 'till 7pm. Free entry!

Mojoroller at the Darlington RnB Festival - 16/09/2018


Mojoroller are booking for 2018

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Mojoroller are currently booking for 2018 and beyond, please get in contact via the contact page or message us on Facebook.
Looking forward to rocking your world in 2018. :)

Mojoroller are booking for 2017

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Mojoroller are currently booking for 2017, please get in contact via the contact page or message us on Facebook.


Mojoroller at the Darlington RnB Festival

The Pennyweight [Market Square]

Sunday, September 13th, 2015

Mojoroller will be on from 7pm 'till 9pm. Free entry!

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The Bridge Hotel Review

Saturday, February 21st, 2015

DB Jazz Project + MojoRoller @ The Bridge Hotel. February 20th
DB Jazz Project: Dave Keighley (tenor, alto & soprano saxophones), Tom MacMillan (guitar), Adrian Sander (bass guitar) & Ben Grant (drums) + Mojo Roller: Chris Roe (guitar & vocals), Steve Caithness (bass guitar) & Chris Cassidy (drums).

(Review by Russell - bebop spoken here).

A jazz and blues double bill. The blues band up first. MojoRoller played it loud, blues rock trio loud. Matt Schofield (Don't Know What I'd Do), Robben Ford (Start It Up), the pattern set © unremittingly, ear-splittingly loud, guitar/vocal-lead blues rock.
Kings Freddie and Albert and Chris Roe's main man SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughan) made it abundantly clear where these guys were coming from and you either went with them or © no one did © you got off at the next stop. Roe's Stratocaster tore it up, the bass and drums team of Steve Caithness and Chris Cassidy a rock-solid foundation. MojoRoller need to be heard again © either toned down or in a larger venue!
The downstairs bar at the Bridge was doing good business (about ten deep at the bar) and no wonder, Schiehallion's Bitter and Twisted was on the bar. It didn't last long.

The jazz set. The DB Jazz Project, a quartet (three quarters round-the-block vets, one quarter new kid on the block) formed by Dave Keighley and Ben Grant (Dave and Ben, the D and B of DB fame), explored a Hawkwind to Hilliards sound world by way of Brit Pop Strat riffs. Most of the tunes originals (Funky Tune, Angel, Take the L Train) and none the worse for it, Keighley's enhanced saxophonics (tenor, alto and soprano) reverberated around the upstairs room of the Bridge Hotel. Adrian Sander's hypnotic bass lines freed MacMillan's Strat to scratch and scat, and, occasionally, dazzle, fusion-style. Little Flower (one of few covers) impressed, MacMillan's Puppeteering certainly impressed (Keighley, soprano) and the DB Jazz Project continues to develop.


Just Want To Make Love To You

MojoRoller playing a Buddy Guy track featuring Davey Sax. Download (6Mb): MP3. Right click to save to your device.